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Cleanup is for mass deleting messages up to 14 days old. Skips pinned messages by default.

Subcommand Parameters Description
after <message_ID> Delete all messages after a specified message
before [message_ID] <n> Deletes n messages before the specified message
between <message_ID> <message_ID> Delete the messages between Message One and Message Two
bot Clean up command messages and messages from the bot
duplicates Deletes duplicate messages in the channel
messages <n> Delete the last n messages
self Clean up messages owned by the bot
text <text> <n> Delete the last n messages matching the specified text
user <user> <n> Delete the last n messages from a specified user


Deleter automagically deletes messages in selected channels when they reach a certain age.

Subcommand Parameters Description
channel <channel> <duration> Set the amount of time after a message sent in the specified channel is supposed to be deleted
remove <channel> [messages...] Removes messages from the automatic deletion queue
wipe [channel] Removes all messages in a channel from automatic deletion


GAMEROLES (OR GR) manages roles based on user activity, such as game being played

Subcommand Parameters Description
addactivity <role> <activity> Add an activity to trigger a role
addrole <role> Sets a role to be managed by gameroles
currentactivity Get your current activity
delactivity <role> <activity> Remove an activity from triggering a role
delrole <role> Stop a role from being managed by gameroles
listactivities List the activities that trigger a role
listroles List the roles currently managed by gameroles
recheck Force a recheck of your current activities


INVOICE manages settings for automated voice-based permissions

Subcommand Parameters Description
deaf Toggle whether to modify permissions when a user is server deafened
dynamic Toggle whether to dynamically create a role and channel for new voice channels when they're created
guild <role> Set a guild-wide role for users who are in a non-AFK voice channel
link <voicechan> <role> Links a role or text channel to a voice channel
mute Toggle whether to modify permissions when a user is server muted
selfdeaf Toggle whether to modify permissions when a user is self deafened

Role management

These commands manage settings for self service role management

Command Subcommand Parameters Description
bulkrolebind <channel> <message_id> <emoji_role_pairs> Add role binds to a message
clearmessagebinds <channel> <message_id> Clear all binds from a message
hackrole <user_id> <role> Puts a stickyrole on someone not in the server.
massrole modify, search, user Commands for mass role management
rolebind <role> <channel> <msg_ID> <emoji> Binds a role to a reaction on a message...
roleset cost, exclusive ,forbid ,requireall ,requireany ,selfadd ,selfrem ,sticky ,unexclusive ,unforbid ,viewreactions ,viewrole Settings for role requirements
roleunbind <role> <msgid> <emoji> Unbinds a role from a reaction on a message
srole add, buy, list, remove <role> Self assignable role commands


RSS subscribes to RSS feeds and show results in a channel

Subcommand Parameters Description
addfeed <name> <url> [channel] Adds a feed to the current, or a provided channel
embed <name> <setting> [channel] Sets if a specific feed should use embed or not
find <url> Attempt to find feeds intelligently on a given site
force <feed> [channel] Forces the latest update for a feed to post
list [channel] Lists the current feeds for the current or a provided channel
remove <feed> [channel] Removes a feed from the current or provided channel
resettemplate <name> [channel] Resets the template in use for a specific feed in the current or provided channel
template <name> [channel] [template] Sets formatting for the specified feed in the current or provided channel


STREAMROLESET temporarily assigns a role to server members having a streaming status (purple dot)

Subcommand Parameters Description
promote Changes promotion settings and role requirements
role <role> Sets the role which will be assigned to members who are streaming
toggle Turns StreamRole on or off.


STREAMALERT manages automated stream alerts

Subcommand Description
list List all active stream alerts in this server
picarto Toggle alerts in this channel for a Picarto stream
smashcast Toggle alerts in this channel for a Smashcast stream
stop Disable all stream alerts in this channel or server
twitch Toggle alerts in this channel for a Twitch stream
youtube Toggle alerts in this channel for a YouTube stream

STREAMSET manages stream alert settings

Subcommand Description
autodelete Toggle alert deletion for when streams go offline.
ignorereruns Toggle excluding rerun streams from alerts.
ignoreschedule Toggle excluding YouTube streams schedules
mention Manage mention settings for stream alerts.
message Manage custom messages for stream alerts.


Command Description
picarto Check if a Picarto channel is live
smashcast Check if a smashcast channel is live
twitchstream Check if a Twitch channel is live
youtubestream Check if a YouTube channel is live


Command Description
autotweet Command for setting accounts and channels for posting
tweets Gets various information from Twitter's API