To get CrazeBot, type !join in chat above. All other commands goes in your own channel.

  • Commands for Adamanty are identical
  • Features relying on Twitch API are currently not functional

Note about prefixes

This documentation uses the default command prefix of !. This can be changed on the channel level using: !set prefix.


General Commands


Custom, Custom Repeat, Custom Scheduled, Auto-Replies


Custom commands aka triggers provide frequently requested information in your channel.


The repeat command will repeat a custom trigger every X amount of seconds passed. Message difference allows you to prevent spamming an inactive channel. It requires Y amount of messages have passed in the channel since the last iteration of the message. The default is 1 so at least one message will need to have been sent in the channel in order for the repeat to trigger.


Schedule is similar to repeat but is designed to repeat at specific times such as 5pm, hourly (on the hour), semihourly (on 0:30), etc. pattern accepts: hourly, semihourly, and crontab syntax**. Replace spaces in crontab syntax with _ (underscore)



Autoreplies are like custom triggers but do not require a command to be typed. The bot will check all messages for the specified pattern and reply with the response if found. Responses have a 30 second cooldown


!autoreply add whattexture* The broadcaster is using Sphax. will respond with: The broadcaster is using Sphax. if a message similar to: What texture pack is this? is typed.




As of Nov. 10, 2013, filter options have been moved to sub commands of !filter. For example, !caps can now be found as !filter caps.



Filtered messages must match all three of the below settings:

Banned phrases


Covers ASCII symbols, unicode classes for box drawings, block elements and geometric shapes also select other spammed characters.

Filtered messages must match both of the below settings:


Limits Twitch global emotes.


User Levels

Consists of Owners, Mods, and Regulars. Owner have permission to you all channel bot commands. Mods have permission to use moderation related commands. Regulars are immune to the link filter. Mods are optional if you only wish to use Twitch mod status

Poll, Giveaway, Raffle




String Replacement

Adding dynamic data to bot message is also supported via string substitutions. Almost any response from the bot will accept a replacement. The following substitutions are available:


Botwranglers as well as Twitch Admins and Staff have access to these.