Host hiding

In some cases, users will sport a special hostname instead of their real IP/host. Be wary of these, so you don't accidentally ban people you didn't mean to.

Hidden host/IP

<username>.reg is the hidden host of CrazeWeb. An attempt to keep it short and simple. Resident version of the more popular <username>.users.<network>.<tld> seen elsewhere. Log in to services and /MODE yourself +x to enable. A ban on *!*@<username>.reg will keep that username out of your channel, even if the .reg host isn't used.

Login on Connect

You can authenticate with services while connecting to ensure your IP is hidden as soon as you connect. To do this, enter your username and password for A in the password field in one of the following ways:

Syntax Effect
+ username password Authenticates with services
+x username password Authenticates with services and hides IP with <username>.reg
+x! username password Authenticates with services and hides IP with <username>.reg. Will abort connection if authentication is unsuccessful.